• Spring 2019 Progress Update

    Spring 2019 Progress Update

    Hey there! It’s been a minute, hope you guys missed us as much as we missed showing you all the cool things we’ve been working on. Welcome to the first Fallout Miami seasonal development update. Those of you who have been with us a little longer are probably wondering “what happened to the monthlies”. Well,…

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  • March 2019 Progress Update

    March 2019 Progress Update

    Spring’s just about here and there’s a spring in our step, it’s time for another Fallout: Miami monthly update!To start things off, we’ve got yet another piece of our soundtrack to showcase. This month’s track is Concrete Corridors. You’ll be hearing it while exploring the titular concrete corridors of the Enclave’s headquarters in Miami Beach.…

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  • February 2019 Progress Update

    February 2019 Progress Update

    Hi there! I’m Mya, let me welcome you to the Fallout: Miami monthly update for the year’s shortest month! This February, we have a little something-something that’s pretty exciting to announce—a gameplay feature you’ve been asking us about for quite a while! We’ve also got some sweet new content, as usual, so let’s get this…

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  • January 2019 Progress Update

    January 2019 Progress Update

    Welcome to the first Fallout Miami monthly update for 2019. We’re in for an exciting year, and, as development progresses, we’ll be introducing you to more of Miami’s factions, locations and characters. January has been a productive month for our team; we’ve done a lot of work behind the scenes since we shook off our…

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  • December 2018 Progress Update

    December 2018 Progress Update

    Happy holidays, everyone! We’re back once again and just in time to give you some Fallout: Miami presents, in this monthly update for the month of December!This video will feature a familiar friend, a desolate place to do your holidays shopping in and something that we do not condone using… for legal reasons! We wanted…

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  • November 2018 Progress Update

    November 2018 Progress Update

    Well, hello there! We’re back to give you some more Fallout: Miami goodness in this monthly update for the month of November.We’ll be showing you some bits and pieces, but mostly, we are introducing a new faction in Miami, the Rovers. But before we get to that, here’s a little treat. We wanted to share…

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  • October 2018 Progress Update

    October 2018 Progress Update

    Hey there! We’re here to haunt you with the Fallout: Miami monthly update for the month of October. Try as we might, we just couldn’t find a way to make everything about this month’s update spooky, there’s just something about the beach you can’t run away from. That being said, we’ve certainly done our best…

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  • September 2018 Progress Update

    September 2018 Progress Update

    Summer might be saying goodbye, but we’re still around and we’ve got another Fallout: Miami progress update for you. This one’s going to be a bit more lighthearted, we’re not sharing too much new lore in September, just some fun stuff we think you’ll enjoy. It’s been a hot minute since we’ve shown you a…

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  • August 2018 Progress Update

    August 2018 Progress Update

    Hi. This is going to be the first Fallout: Miami Monthly Update also available on our YouTube channel! Before we get to the new content, we just want to say a big “THANK YOU” from the bottom of our hearts. You guys watched our trailer more than five million times, it honestly left us a…

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  • Fallout: Miami – Official Trailer

    Fallout: Miami – Official Trailer

    Get a small preview of the Sole Survivor’s next big adventures in the Fallout Miami – Official Trailer.

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