November 2018 Progress Update

Well, hello there! We’re back to give you some more Fallout: Miami goodness in this monthly update for the month of November.We’ll be showing you some bits and pieces, but mostly, we are introducing a new faction in Miami, the Rovers. But before we get to that, here’s a little treat.

We wanted to share yet another track with you, taking you back to the Enclave presence in Miami with this kick-ass track.

It has been fittingly dubbed ‘Enclave Combat Theme’ and was composed by Adam Kallibjian. It can be heard in those tense situations involving the remnants of Enclave, whatever side of the fight you might be on.

Onto a more light-hearted topic, the Rovers! The concept art we will be featuring has been done entirely by Sfaira, surely the Rovers’ #1 fan. They are a pirate-themed minor faction making their home in Captain Squally’s Bar & Grill. There’s tons of cheesy pirate-puns potential here, but I make no promises about keeping them limited. Shall we get to it, mateys?

The Rovers are subject to as much ridicule as respect, which is unsurprising considering how well they have fortified themselves and how prone they are to shows of strength. Recently however, as the Rovers continued to adopt the pirate-theme, the product of their hard-work and quick thinking might be in danger.

Meet the de jure leader of the Rovers, Captain Billiam. This young but fearless boy is supported by his uncle but not many more. The crew has spread whispers of mutiny, as they wish to to remain safe and comfortable in their stead, but Billiam aspires to scour the wastes and picking fights with menacing foes and creatures. The pirate life is not for everyone, but most of the crew embrace the costumes, accents and… puns. Regardless of that, what kind of pirate would fare the wasteland without their iconic companions?

First off, we have the Radparrot! This adorable little bird has obviously been hit pretty bad by radiation, but what you don’t know, is that it can speak five different languages–wait, before you make it canon, we’re kidding. Fluent only in Spanish and English.

Lastly, any enviable swashbuckler needs a proper sword, and the Rovers wield theirs with cunning! We are sure you all will be able to make your enemies walk the plank by brandishing this slick weapon. But before we move on, credit where credit is due: this was expertly made by Valen ‘Robin’ Bae!

We are now going to showcase another slice of Miami, with some level design done by Pavel Nowski. He has helped create our-very-own radio station!

This dark and gloomy place is home to the ironically vibrant songs that fill Miami’s radio-waves! You will be able to sit down and relax by the beach, listening to some Caribbean-flavoured tunes or keep the sun-bathing ghouls away with other… sharp songs. The Miami Wasteland Radio Station is filled with many interesting things, and it will be up to you, to find out what lies within!

Oh, did you think a combat theme was all the Enclave content you were getting today? Nuh-huh. Tyler ‘Cooler’ Woods and MrColonelMustard have been hard at work to bring you an Enclave Mod for Fallout 4!

This beauty of a project includes an original location: an Enclave base riddled with backstory and lore about the existence of an Enclave cell in Boston’s Glowing Sea and… its Miami counterpart! Not only will you be able craft Enclave-themed furniture after fully exploring the location, you might be the proud new owner of a Colonel outfit. Snazzy!

The base outfit model was designed by Nuldel. Torquedigital did the base mesh work on the Enclave barricades and Tyler ‘Cooler’ Woods and MrColonelMustard did the asset work and level design respectively!

Well, that’s all from us for now, folks, but we’ll be back next month with more new Fallout: Miami content for you!

See you next month!