• Miami Misadventures – Episode 1 Release

    Miami Misadventures – Episode 1 Release

    Miami Misadventures is an episodic mod that provides a single platform for all standalone mod content released during the production of Fallout: Miami. It features new characters, quests, items and locations in the Commonwealth. Each episode is due to be released simultaneously on both PC and Xbox One.  A caravan merchant from down South has […]

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  • Happy Retirement to Oliwia Białek

    Happy Retirement to Oliwia Białek

    As the 2D art team has completed most of their work on the project and the focus has shifted to finishing our remaining Vault Boy flash animations, the development team wishes to announce the official retirement of our 2D Lead Oliwia Białek. Oliwia has been a vital part of the project for the better part […]

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  • Summer 2021 Progress Update

    Summer 2021 Progress Update

    Summer’s here and so are we. Never left in fact, just been busy working on the mod and our beach bodies. And we have been gettin’ busy, as you’re about to see in this Fallout: Miami development update. We thought we’d try something a little different this time around and bring on a co-host. K. […]

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  • Fall 2020 Progress Update

    Fall 2020 Progress Update

    Summer’s behind us, and we’re back with another Fallout: Miami development update. Hope you all enjoyed the environmental showcase we released recently. Things have gotten pretty crazy this year, so we hope you and yours are doing as good as possible, all things considered. Current events haven’t stopped us from working on Miami, and we’re stoked to […]

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  • Fallout: Miami – “A Day in Miami” Trailer

    Fallout: Miami – “A Day in Miami” Trailer

    A glimpse into the post-nuclear Vacation Wasteland of Fallout: Miami!.

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  • Winter 2020 Progress Update

    Winter 2020 Progress Update

    Didn’t think we were gone, did ya? It’s been a hot minute since we last put out a Fallout: Miami development update, but we’re still working hard as ever, and we’d like to show you what we’ve been up to.  A little housekeeping before that, though. If you happen to be or know a talented […]

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  • GameSpot Interview – What It Takes To Make A Large-Scale Mod

    GameSpot Interview – What It Takes To Make A Large-Scale Mod

    The Fallout Miami Development Team recently had a chance to sit down with Jake Dekker of GameSpot to discuss what it takes to make a large scale Fallout mod.

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  • Quad-Barrel Shotgun – Fallout Miami Standalone Release

    Quad-Barrel Shotgun – Fallout Miami Standalone Release

    Check out the official trailer for the Quad-Barrel Shotgun – Fallout Miami Standalone Mod available now. Quad-Barrel Shotgun is a standalone release of a weapon made for the in-development mod Fallout: Miami. It adds a new shotgun to the game, based on the Winchester Liberator, as well as a short quest to obtain a unique […]

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  • Spring 2019 Progress Update

    Spring 2019 Progress Update

    Hey there! It’s been a minute, hope you guys missed us as much as we missed showing you all the cool things we’ve been working on. Welcome to the first Fallout Miami seasonal development update. Those of you who have been with us a little longer are probably wondering “what happened to the monthlies”. Well, […]

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  • March 2019 Progress Update

    March 2019 Progress Update

    Spring’s just about here and there’s a spring in our step, it’s time for another Fallout: Miami monthly update!To start things off, we’ve got yet another piece of our soundtrack to showcase. This month’s track is Concrete Corridors. You’ll be hearing it while exploring the titular concrete corridors of the Enclave’s headquarters in Miami Beach. […]

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