Winter 2020 Progress Update

Didn’t think we were gone, did ya? It’s been a hot minute since we last put out a Fallout: Miami development update, but we’re still working hard as ever, and we’d like to show you what we’ve been up to. 

A little housekeeping before that, though. If you happen to be or know a talented 3D artist interested in helping us bring Fallout: Miami to life, let us know. We’ve got a lot of custom assets in the works, and new talent never hurts.

As we get more and more involved with production, it becomes harder to have new content to show that fits this progress update format. That doesn’t mean development is slowing down or anything, though. Level design blockouts and early quest scripting just aren’t the type of content we want to put on a show for. Now, don’t worry, that doesn’t mean we’ll stop making these update videos you guys love so much. Nothing makes us happier than showing you all the cool stuff we make and hearing your feedback! But we can’t really commit to a consistent update schedule when we’re increasing our focus on the technical side of things. This is the first update video we’re releasing in 2020, expect more at an unexpected date. No one ever expects the Fallout: Miami development team!

Let’s kick things off with a song how we usually do! Sergey Neiss is back, lending his voice to Garry Golden for his emotional ballad ‘I Dreamed a Dream’, mixed by Nicholas Sibley with guitar by Luke Highet and additional vocals by Mya Schuwerk, oh that’s me!

Now it’s time to make good on our promise from a few months ago. We’ve got some new Enclave equipment to show off!  Enter the Predator Armor, concept art by Marko Lipovac. It’s designed for operation in difficult terrain and comes equipped with a stealth field generator.

This power armor was developed as a response to the Enclave’s need to accomplish goals with limited manpower in hard to navigate environments such as jungles. Pretty high-tech stuff. While you won’t be getting your hands on the Predator right away, you can expect to see it a little later in the story, as the Enclave receives reinforcements from a nearby offshore base.

Marko also designed the final piece of the Enclave arsenal—an advanced heavy plasma weapons platform. Applying innovations based on the successful Prototype Q42 to existing technology allowed for the creation of an Advanced Plasma Caster that can be modified to suit different tasks. Its variants include a short-range plasma thrower for melting anyone and anything that gets too close; a high-speed Gatling configuration, for when you absolutely, positively gotta kill everybody in the room; and a high-power railcannon for punching fist-sized holes through… just about anything. You also have the option of mounting holographic sights or a targeting computer in the form of the Radar Assisted Targeting System.

Of course, there’s a lot more to the faction than just equipment, but we don’t want to spoil everything, so for now we’ll leave Enclave fans with their animated faction icon, drawn by Nick Papa and animated by Charlie Wilcher.  Since the Enclave are a main joinable faction in Fallout: Miami, you can expect to see this icon popping up more than once if you chose to side with them.

Speaking of faction icons, you might It’s about time we talked about this remember one we showed off last year. group. Allow me to introduce you to The Center. A thriving city-state based in the pre-war Miami Beach Convention Center.

The settlement was founded over 150 years ago, in response to the pressures imposed on smaller wasteland communities by The Great Winter and the increasingly bold slavers of Sunshine Cove. The Center is a self-sufficient civil society and trade hub in the heart of the Vacation Wasteland.  

In fact, we’ve teased it in the past with more than just the faction icon. We let you guys get a peek at The Center in our Reveal Trailer, and we’ve shown you a screenshot of the memorial in the botanical garden around which a lot of Centrian agriculture is based.

In order to protect themselves from slavers and even more dangerous threats, The Center has constructed fortifications, the most impressive of which is their northern wall. Concept art by Yoshift. With traders coming and going from the South and West, defenses like these are essential to maintaining the Center’s… central position as a hub of civilization and commerce in Miami.

Of course, threats don’t only come from north of the wall. If you live in a society, there’s usually some form of law enforcement, and The Center is no exception. 

Meet Center Security, responsible for policing and defense, with separate branches dedicated to internal and external security. Concept art drawn by Jose Soto.

You might notice some imagery associated with the Vault-Tec Corporation in their design. Vault-Tec was actually a major investor in the original convention center, leading to the uniforms of the pre-war staff carrying their branding. Center Security officers diligently patrol the halls and walls of their city, protecting the rights and safety of their fellow citizens, whenever they’re not busy slacking off playing cards at a table or other games under it.

And, at the top of the hierarchy stands Clyde Andersen, chief of security and member of the Center Council, the city’s ruling body. Concept art for Mr. Andersen was drawn by Cameron August.

Discipline and hard work is what defines him. He makes sure to get done whatever the mayor wants, but the safety of his fellow citizens is his primary concern. He manages to balance being a workaholic hard-ass with empathy and comradery, earning the loyalty of those who serve under him. He can occasionally be caught having a beer with them in his off-hours. Through his solid work ethic, he’s managed to become one of the most respected citizens of The Center, despite his original position at Center Security being handed to him due to his name.

And the Andersen name means a lot in The Center. They’ve been winning mayoral elections for just shy of eighty years. Meet Mayor Janet Andersen, also drawn by Cameron August.

She was the wife of the former mayor, who passed away during his re-election campaign, and has held office since his death. She’s also the mother of Clyde Andersen.

Diligent yet stern, she prioritizes the safety of her people, though some question the restrictive nature of her policies. 

The Center is successful, very successful, but Mayor Andersen has repeatedly refused to expand by founding new settlements, while the Centrian prosperity and population keep on growing. The place has started feeling a little bit crowded lately, and the Council has decided it’s time to hold elections! One of its prominent members has chosen to put his name forward in opposition to Janet.We’ll talk more about The Center in future updates.

Enough about lore, worldbuilding, characters and politics. Let’s shift gears to something simple and fun! Last time, we showed you concept art for the Mingo, and Penelope Tay has brought it to life.

Although it looks pretty scary, the Mingo really isn’t that aggressive or much of a threat, but it’s absolutely a defining element of the Vacation Wasteland.

Before we close off, a little treat, we’ve prepared for you some Gecko Meat. Penelope cooked up the Gecko we showed you last time and now she’s serving us a nutritious helping of Gecko Meat.

We are adding plenty of consumable items based on the new world elements we’ve created, such as creatures and plants, but not every single one will receive a completely new model. But come on, who could resist biting into those thick, juicy Gecko tails!

And that’s it for our first development update of 2020. We’ll be showing more later down the line, but we can’t promise an exact date.  Before we sign off, just a quick reminder that we are looking for 3D artists, but if you have some other skill you think can help us make Fallout: Miami a reality, send in your application anyway!