• June 2018 Progress Update

    June 2018 Progress Update

    Enjoying the summer heat? Let’s have a quick and refreshing Fallout: Miami progress update. What happens when a golf course goes untended for 200 years? It gets a bit wild. Nature has reclaimed a sizable chunk of Miami beach. Instead of a round of golf, expect more of a swampy jungle experience. Here’s an ambient…

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  • May 2018 Progress Update

    May 2018 Progress Update

    Summer is here, there, everywhere! How about a chill, refreshing Fallout: Miami monthly update, just the thing to cool off with before the gaming industry heats up in June. Little bit of a preface—we’ll be revealing one of the various groups you’ll encounter in the vacation wasteland, a tribe specifically, one that lives on the…

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  • April 2018 Progress Update

    April 2018 Progress Update

    Hi, us again. Last month we said that there wouldn’t be a monthly update, we had plans to release a trailer, which got pushed back a little bit—we want it to be as good as possible. We recently released a teaser and it’s received over half a million views. We’re absolutely blown away by the reception and…

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  • Fallout: Miami – Official Teaser Trailer

    Fallout: Miami – Official Teaser Trailer

    Get a small preview of the Sole Survivor’s next big adventures in the Fallout Miami – Official Teaser Trailer. Full trailer coming soon!

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  • March 2018 Progress Update

    March 2018 Progress Update

    Spring is here, flowers are blooming, and it’s time for a Fallout: Miami monthly update. Just like last time, we’ll start off by showing another bit of worldbuilding. Tourist hotspot that Miami was, it of course played host to all kinds of entertainers. While exploring the vacation wasteland, you’ll find many pre-war advertisements, for a…

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  • February 2018 Progress Update

    February 2018 Progress Update

    The shortest month of the year is almost up and that means it’s time for another Fallout: Miami progress update! We’ve talked about the importance of brands in fleshing out a unique Fallout location before, but it doesn’t just stop at soft drinks. Miami is a place for people with refined tastes, especially when it…

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  • January 2018 Progress Update

    January 2018 Progress Update

    Time for another monthly update! We hope the start of 2018 has been treating you well, we’ve been hard at work and it’s about time a little bit of it made its way out there. Kicking this update off, we have some concept art for a weapon, not unlike the Acid Soaker from Nuka World…

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  • December 2017 Progress Update

    December 2017 Progress Update

    The holidays are just around the corner, but our gift to you is coming early!People come from all over just to vacation in Miami, with the main attraction being the white beaches and turquoise water. We want everyone to be able to experience this when they visit Miami, even if it’s 200 years after a…

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