May 2018 Progress Update

Summer is here, there, everywhere! How about a chill, refreshing Fallout: Miami monthly update, just the thing to cool off with before the gaming industry heats up in June. Little bit of a preface—we’ll be revealing one of the various groups you’ll encounter in the vacation wasteland, a tribe specifically, one that lives on the beach. As with any thematically distinct location, you want to have some fitting music, and Sean “Accidental Aggro” Battista has provided just that. This track will play in a village known as The Bungo.

Before we talk about the tribe, let’s take a cool minute to appreciate Nathaniel W.’s wonderful work on the citrusy Pop & Chill, Miami’s signature drink. Hope you like lemon, orange and lime! Original concept by Penett.

They’re called Tide Riders, a tribe of surfer-hunter-gatherers that live in a pre-war bungalow village. These beachcombers can trace their origins back to the Great War itself, when their survivor community was originally formed. Generally peaceful, they spend most of their time surfing and tending to their community. Contact with outsiders is rare and mostly limited to trade at the Driftwood Trade Post, where you can expect to get a good deal on salted fish and various other crafted or scavenged goods. Their culture centers around the practice of Soul Surfing, a spiritual experience in which one can find meaning by riding the gnarliest waves this side of the apocalypse. Unlike nearby Havana, Miami may not have been the hottest surf spot before the Great War, but the weather ain’t what it used to be, a fact much appreciated by the leader, founder and spiritual guide of the Tide Riders. Concept art by Vii.

Their leader is Max Guru. He used to be a young man from California, enjoying the autumn surf scene in Havana. When an earthquake shook Cuba, he did the only thing he could have—he rode the wave. Wiping out is a bad thing, even worse when there’s radiation and you get pushed into the Atlantic. The ocean smiled on Max, and he washed up in Miami a few days later. The experience had changed him, in more ways than one. He was now a ghoul and convinced his survival was a sign that he had a divine mission—ride the biggest wave, as big as the one that nearly killed him, ride The Big Kahuna. He made his home in a bungalow and devoted himself to surfing, more than he already had, that is. The apocalypse didn’t seem to bother him too much, though he did offer shelter to other stranded tourists, who eventually took to his talk of surfing and the ocean. When decades passed, and he hadn’t died, the members of the isolated community began to venerate him as a holy figure, giving him the name Max Guru. Concept art by Sfaira.

Before we finish up this monthly update, we want to show you concept art for one of Miami’s unique weapons—Prototype Q42, drawn by Sfaira.

And here’s your monthly dose of in-game shots, a little lighter this month, we’ve been working on some other things you’ll see later down the line.

Hope that Fallout 76 announcement didn’t leave you in too much of a hype hangover. We’ll see you on the other side of E3! Don’t forget to drop by our community Discord if you want to get in touch, and if you think you have what it takes to help us make Fallout: Miami a reality, send us your application.