The Fallout: Miami Writing Department handles all narrative aspects of the game. This involves creating dialogue, lore, characters, notes, terminals, etc. The writing department also encompases certain aspects of quest design.  We work closely with the programming department in order to create a fun experience with various avenues of completion.


While the writing department requires creativity, it also requires a good amount of technical knowledge and familiarity with writing for an interactive medium. 


  • Examples of prose and novel style writing samples are welcome, but samples that show a grasp on dialogue, such as a script are preferred. 
  • Experience with writing branching diagloue. 
  • Advanced proficiency with the English language, and the ability to write dialogue in naturalistic spoken English.
  • A provable understanding of editing best practices, with some experience editing the work of others or being edited for publication.
  • Ability to create memorable, realistic characters, demonstrating skill at writing from different regions, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.
  • Ability to closely match the style, format, and conventions of the other scripts in a project.
  • Strong communication skills and experience with incorporating into teams remotely.
  • Self organized, comfortable with giving estimates and proactively communicating around timeline.

Additional valuable skills include experience with Bethesda’s Creation Kit, especially implementing dialogue. Editing a wiki. Ownership of Fallout 4 and all its official DLC on PC. We would like to especially encourage submissions from qualified writers of Cuban and/or Haitian descent. It is our goal to create a world that is fun and engaging, and also feels authentic and true to the cultures represented.