The Fallout: Miami Voice Department is responsible for bringing the world’s NPCs to life. We are looking for experienced voice acting talent who can deliver quality audio files.


All VO submissions are required to meet the following criteria for submission:


  • An XLR recording setup. Due to the level of interest and volume of submissions, USB, phone or laptop mics and similar will not be considered.
  • Attached character demo reel, which may be self-produced. Please submit a reel that reflects the quality of the audio you will be able to give for this mod, i.e. no studio demos if you do not have a home studio of comparable quality. We cannot consider reels that do not have any examples of “clean” audio quality, ie. without filters or effects on the VO.

We are considering only authentic Cuban and Haitian accents for Fallout: Miami. Please do not submit these accents unless it is the natural accent of you or your direct family members, or if it is an accent you have worked with a professional dialect coach on. Any non-Black actor whose demo reel or previous work includes a “blaccent” or African American Vernacular English will not be considered. Please consider this when submitting.